TooLittleTime Fast Loading MIDI's

9 to 5 (Dolly Parton) 7Kb
All Apologies 11Kb
All I Have 8Kb
All my Ex's Live In Texas 19Kb
Axel Foley 8Kb
I Just Called to Say 6Kb
Color My World 7Kb
Evening Falls 7Kb

Faithfully 18Kb
Funky Music 16Kb
Fur Elise (Beethoven) 7Kb
Heaven (Brian Adams) 8Kb
Hey You (Pink Floyd!) 8Kb
Imagine (Beatles) 10Kb
Killing Me Softly 6Kb
Grease - Summer Nights 48Kb
Leya 9Kb
Nobody's Home (Pink Floyd!) 5Kb
Rocket Man (Elton John) 9Kb
Witchy Woman (Eagles) 6Kb
Africa 72Kb
All For One 16Kb
Aquarius 16Kb
Come As You Are 26Kb
Another One Bites the Dust 26Kb
Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd!) 32Kb
The Entertainer 13Kb
Georgia (Ray Charles) 25Kb
Gilligan's Island Theme 17Kb

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TooLittleTime MOD Music Files

Entertainer 19Kb
15k Mod 15Kb
Benny Hill 19Kb
Bon Jovi 26Kb
Can-Can 9Kb
Axel F - Beverly Hills Cop 104Kb
Chariots of Fire 294Kb

Echoing 28Kb
Please Forgive Me 106Kb
Halloween Theme 22Kb
Happy Birthday 14Kb
Ren & Stimpy 149Kb
Sandman - Metallica 100Kb
Terminator 2 20Kb
West End Girls 26Kb